I have been absent for a while, guys. I was working fulltime this summer and have been studying abroad in South Korea since August!!

I have lost a good amount since I have gotten to Korea, actually. I don’t have a scale but my size 4 shorts are now completely too big for me - I believe I am now a size 2. The food here is both so healthy and delicious - as long as you don’t go overboard on the rice hahaha.

Anyway, I am back now. In Korea I cannot eat most of the foods I am used to, nor do I have a gym. So, the atmosphere of my blog is going to change a bit. It will be more health-food, body positivity and mental wellness orientation. As opposed to the lifting and training posts I used to make.

I look forward to being active on this blog again!!! :)

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I'm Meg, and I'm a college student on a journey to reclaim my fitness, self-confidence, and faith in myself, others and God. I have a healthy (read: crazy) obsession with vanilla almond butter, dark chocolate, and flexing.

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